I think finally figured out how motivation works. This enabled me to find a way to always be and to stay motivated, whenever I need to.

I’ve kept looking for motivation in external sources – motivational quotes, people, stories. And if I find the right text/person/video I usually get my dose. Problem is it fades away pretty quickly and then I would space out until I find my way to the next dose.

This is because motivation is not the key here. And everybody looking for motivation to stay on top of their game is looking in the wrong place.

Willpower is what drives motivation. If you have willpower you can motivate yourself to do pretty much anything…quit that nasty habit, start working out, start saving or launch a rocket in space, connect 2 billion people or whatever you set your mind to.

I recently read (actually listened to) a book which stated that willpower is nothing but a habit and can be, like any other habit, harvested if you don’t have it in you.

It is created by working through the small temptations, which occur multiple times each day. Go workout, instead of lying in bed for one more hour. Order the salad, instead of the burger. Leave 5 minutes early to buy flowers for your hard working wife.

These small changes in the daily routine lead to big changes in the long run.

And key is – you no longer need outer sources to stay motivated.

How do you stay motivated?

Photo by Jennifer Birdie Shawker on Unsplash

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