The real source of motivation

I think finally figured out how motivation works. This enabled me to find a way to always be and to stay motivated, whenever I need to. I’ve kept looking for motivation in external sources – motivational quotes, people, stories. And if I find the right text/person/video I usually get my dose. Problem is it fades […]

Balance…or pulling from both extremes

I strongly believe, after a lot of personal battle on that matter, that positive thinking in the form of neglecting a problem is a losing strategy. A problem is a problem, whether you choose to acknowledge it, or not. Therefore a winning strategy would be to acknowledge, understand and asses your baseline as realistically as […]

How to become a master and leave mediocrity behind?

As a progression from some of my last posts, I’d like to share some thoughts on the daily habits that turn ordinary people into super achievers. Let’s review a regular morning of an ordinary working class person and analyze: 1. You’re supposed to be getting up at 6 am, but you hit the snooze button […]

The best productivity advice from Facebook, Paypal, and a buddhist monk

We’ve all heard about it, we’ve all done it and in this day and time we usually do it even more than we know – MULTITASKING. I used to think of it as a virtue. And it even seems logical – if you can do more than one thing at a time, than your productivity […]

Einstein’s greatest advice on learning anything.

Einstein’s secret to learning everything revealed in one of his letters to his son. In another great read from Bulgarian blogger Maria Popova we find beautiful advice from one of the great minds from the last century – Albert Einstein. In one of his letters to his 11-year-old son Hans Albert which was written just […]

We are usually just a few millimeters away from victory

So, Tony is basically my superman for empowerment and blistering motivation. Every time I’m stuck somewhere I can find a way out by just watching one of his videos or remembering some of his advice. Here’s one that would help if you’re struggling with motivation issues or just want some great advice from Superman himself: […]

I’m in my early 20s. I do not want to waste my time, but I can’t decide what to do in life and what I really want. What should I do?

Answer by W Ryan Lee: This is probably the question I get most from underclassmen in college; even graduating seniors often have little to no idea what they really want to do. I’d like to add one piece of advice. Don’t do a whole variety of things that might be “beneficial” to you in the […]