The science of productivity:
Willpower is an exhaustible source! So instead of just pushing yourself to try harder try the following:
1. START!!! Studies show that starting a project is the biggest blocker to productivity.
2. FOCUS ON THE HARDEST TASKS FIRST and instead of stressing yourself to keep staying focused throughout the day, COMBINE PERIODS OF FOCUSED WORK WITH PERIODS OF REST. This way you don’t rely only on willpower and habit, but rather on discipline and scheduling. Studies show that a 90 min work session, combined with a 15-20 minute planned break is the secret formula.
3. SET A STRICT DEADLINE! Don’t forget to mark it in your calendar
4. DOCUMENT YOUR PROGRESS! Mark with keywords what you were available to complete in a certain work period.
5. STOP MULTITASKING! Make a list of what you want to accomplish on the previous day and avoid trying to complete multiple activities at once. Split your larger tasks into smaller steps to avoid congesting your mind!

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